Blockchain Project

Research / Design / Development

We use blockchain technology to build a platform called "Crypto-Charity".

The non-profit sector today is worth an estimated $2 trillion worldwide, yet headlines in recent times have seen the sector stumble between corruption scandals, gross inefficiencies, false expenses and misuse of funds such as the $187 million misappropriation to cancer charities by James T. Reynolds.

In charity world, as donators, they are worried about the transparency that their money have been donated. In the “Crypto-Charity” world, all channels are recorded and transparency, you do not need to worry about the misuse of your donation.

“Transparency” is our focus, we stand for the donators. It is a self-regulated and self-organized platform. We create transparency where donated money is going. You can withdraw your money along the path if you think things are not on right track. It will have smart contracts function to track donations and ensure it makes an impact or cancels it if it didn’t make an impact as proposed.

In Progress