Hi, My name is Lu Jin.

I am an interdisciplinary person. I got Master’s Degree in information science from University of Texas at Austin, Master's Degree in design from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Currently, I am working for Kids'Choice.

As a web developer, I’ve worked on a couple of side projects, here is a selection:

  • Deepfake Experiment- an online survey system I created for my thesis using react and firebase.
  • SiTel- an online education prototype that aims for users who can learn and set their own learning process. I created using react.
  • As a designer, my strength is on the interaction design but cover the overall design process from user reserach to prototype.

  • Kids'Choice - Redesign the overall website
  • TXDOT- Redesign the website to accelerate information flow
  • SITEL- Rearrange the education format and accelerate knowledge absorption
  • eBaotech- Build Design System
  • SAP- B2B Dashboard Redesign
  • As a researcher, my mainly focus is on AI ethics and information retrieval.

    If you have any question, feel free to Email me.