Lu Jin

Redistribute Learning

This project starts with a small task to redesign the online education and ends with a personal project to redistribute learning.

Everyone started learning from childhood and it will last for the whole life. But how to collect learning information and how to consume the knowledge well is still a question for the most of people. With two-year in information school, I saw a different vision towards how to master knowledge.


Research starts from the competitive product like coursera,MOOC,edX and go deeper into the essence of learning.

Education is understood as a form of learning knowledge and skill. In old history, education starts from talking and discussion between a teacher and a group of students. In order to fulfill the needs of society development, education has come to a standardized product with discipline, a group of students and a teacher. Examination is one of the evaluation methods to test the qualification of a student. In modern society, only in Ph.D. degree, there exists one to one relationship between student and teacher. From primary school to graduate study, one to many relationships is the mainstream of education format. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this format ? What is the best method to learn ?

John Holt
Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.

Question Approach

Now, it is the new era. What is the difference between old schooling and modern schooling ? What does the new technology influence the education method ? The widespread use of the Internet reconstructs the education format. It reorganized the great education method in the world. In the meantime, students are not satisfied with onsite learning due to the restriction of discipline. Besides, it is hard for everyone to catch up with the knowledge update during the school day or in the workplace. Therefore, online learning is emerging. Before diving into the history of online learning, first answering the question I mentioned aforementioned.

Question 1: What are the advantages and disadvantages of this format ?
Question 2: What is the best method to learn ?
Question 3: What is the difference between old schooling and modern schooling ?
Question 4: What does the new technology influence the education method ?

Focus Discussion

Through computers, distance learning , telecommunications .. online education emerges. Without any of these elements, online learning will not become possible. In 1858, the University of London became the first university in the world to offer full degrees through distance learning, with its “External Programme.” In 1892, The term “distance education” was first used by the University of Wisconsin–Madison in a pamphlet. Radio is the first format to be used as an online learning. In 1960, the University of Illinois created Intranet systems for students to access course materials and recorded lectures. In 1962, J.C.R. Licklider of MIT envisions a “galactic network” concept where all computers can access data and programs from any other site, effectively describing what came to be known as the internet. In 1975, the term - Internet was coined. In 1989, the University of Phoenix, a private for-profit school, launched its online degree program. In 1990, Linus Torvalds created Linux, which would become a leading mode of Open Source software, a necessary aspect of many modern online learning platforms. In 2002, MIT offered free educational resources through the OpenCourseWare Project. In 2006, iTunes U launched and Salman Khan founds Khan Academy. In 2009, more than 5.5 million students around the world enrolled in at least one online college course. In 2012, Udacity launched Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on behalf of Harvard and MIT. In 2018, 98% of public universities and colleges offer some form of online program. Online learning is on the way.

Core Question 1:
What is the major difference between online learning and on campus learning ?

Core Question 2:
Will it transform how we teach, learn and perceive knowledge ?

Core Question 3:
What will the new technology in front of us influence online learning ?

Competitive Analysis

The high quality courses that emphasis on the technology are the key success of coursera.
The overall design place an emphasis on the content and market new courses.
The progress indicator of the courses keep users on the track.
Combined with other universities, edX grew at the foundation of its history.
The widespread courses hit most of the audience which includes humanity, finance, technology and etc.
It also uses the card design to support the content of course content.
Professional learning is the core elements of Udemy.
The hot color used in udemy make the feeling feel warm and different format of card design make the overall interface flexible.
With the hot courses like machine learning and auto driving car, udemy attracts technologists.
It also use blue as a calm and safe color to give attraction to its content - courses.


After investigation,it is time to narrow down several questions into main question and support question.We need to focus on the primary questions and use analysis and research process to answer these questions.

The negative factors affecting the students online learning experience

- poor internet connection
- inadequate technical support
- challenges in the use of e-learning
- lack of pedagogical support
- lack of social reinforcement

It should be...

- communication with teachers and virtual classmates
- a sense of belonging to the community
- self-confidence
- self-management
- increase the easy use of online learning system
- motivation

Ernest Dimnet
Children have to be educated, but they also have to be left to educate themselves.


This is the overall concept draft.

This is the draft of detail pages. Some explorations are still on the way.

High-fi Mockup

This is the first version of high-fi design. It might be a little different from the low-fi mockup.

Home Page
The Navigation Menu
The Chatroom

Visual Design

Animal Branding
Using panda as waiting image when there is no new item in the product.


This is the function to add the new item. There are two mechanism to add new item. One is through this add button and the other is through card. This is the important function and should find a best solution to add swiftly and concisely.
Version 1: add a new item
Version 2: add a new item


I used react.js and firebase to develop.