Lu Jin

Shopping Experience in iPad

It is an e-commerce iPad application facing 900M users. It is Amazon in China. Under the overall business strategy, the iPad version of an e-commerce shopping application is always easily ignored. However, with the entertainment time changing, more people will use the iPad due when they are on the sofa or in bed. Therefore, we need to update a new version which means we should bring the new energy and new branding feeling to the consumers.


Due to the big version update, we slowed down our design process and started from research. We cooperated with research team to have a deep exploration towards consumer shopping behaivour in iPad.


We divided our research target into two parts.

First, we want to know what role do iPad play in mobile shopping.In the first part, we used the survey, dairies and 1 on 1 interview.

Second, we want to know what did our iPad users experience.In the second part, we used 1 on 1 interview.

Research Result

From our research, we conclude these results.

  • iPad is a online shopping trend.
  • More than 71% users use iPad to online shopping.
  • 40% users use both web version and iPad version, because sometimes the iPad version lacks some functions.
  • Most of users only browse the products in the iPad version but do not buy products there because they think it is inconvenient.
  • Challenge

    After collecting the research results, it is obvious a new update version should start and it aims to provide seamless shopping experience comparing to our iPhone version.

    Three challenge we are facing:

    First, iPad version is aimless. From user feedback, the reason why they do not choose iPad is that it is hard for them to find what they want.

    Second, we should build future for iPad version. Due to the resource restriction, this new version will be in use for at least one year. Therefore, we should catch the design trend.

    Third, how to smooth the flow from select product and pay it is the critical flow in eCommerce shopping design.


    First, how to solve aimless?

    Aimless means disorder, due to the disorder in iPad old version, users will feel aimless when browsing the app because all of the information and functions are clustered.

    We can see from below picture, it is a metaphor between order and disorder.

    Solution is utilization. We should make user feel that it is a dictionary. They can easy to find what they want.

    Second, catch the future trend.

    We ask ourselve, what is the future trend in ipad and what will be our future potential customers.

    From our research data, most of iPad users are from middle class and upper class. It is quite different from our iPhone version or web version which covers different ranges of groups.

    Therefore, the future trend will be built based on this groups. What is their taste? From our design anlaysis, elegance is their taste.

    We should build our iPad version like an elegant book with content and function. It will inspire people to touch it.

    Third, how to upgrade shopping cart experience?

    Now, the overall shopping experience is disorder and colorful which will distract users' attention. In order to smooth the steps to finish a buying process. We must make people feel peaceful not noisy.

    It aims to design the experience of "window shopping".

    Design Results

    Detail design

  • In order to solve the disorder,we use card to outline every components.Also, we do not add too much noise into the cards to give breath to user visual feeling.
  • Large picture with less words reduce the chaos.
  • One click and you finish your buying is a bet but it works.
  • New function which collect the history of useful products.
  • The overall design results.

    Interaction Design.

    Design Guideline


    Due to the data privacy, I can only expose some data. The overall iPad version online has experienced one year. We start changed some important pages and then set the priority. In some time, the increase rate of iPad version increase 17% comparing to the iPhone.


    This is the first time I realized data is the key to evaluate design. As a designer, we seems to think in users's shoes and try to use empathy to design every page. But, have you trully understand users? What is the metrics of your design decisions?

    Second, design is a teamwork. We often saw designer as a solo designer. But in most of the cases, design is the result of teamwork. You should know how to play with other team members in order to achieve the desirable results.

    Third, only simple solution can endure the time. Due to the resource investment, we won't have a new version update at least one or two year. How can you make your design fit in with the current trends and lasts two year is a question.