Redesign the website to accelerate information flow


In 2019, TXDOT (Texas Department of Transportion) provides us the opportunity to redesign their offical website. I took part in the whole process, as a researcher and designer. It is an individual project and lasts 3 months.

The project aims to improve their service, increase their influence and build their identity. During the research, I applied both quantity and qualitative research methods to analyze user behaviour and preference.


This project started with client kickoff meeting. In this kickoff meeting, we met with Beth Hallmark - the Communications Director for TxDOT. She illustrated the research areas that TxDOT would like us to help out by generative and evaluative research.

They want to rebuild TxDOT newsroom which will broadcast news on construction, travel information,etc. During the kickoff, we made a deep communication with Beth towards the the history of TxDOT, the strengths and weakness of TxDOT and their direct competitors and indirect competitors.


Through the process, a better understanding of the project has emerged and goals have been set with questions we need to approach. We use 2 steps to formulate our main questions. The first step is to brainstorming - list questions in our mind. The second step is to use card sorting method to orgainze our questions and made into several categories.

  • Question 1: How do user consume information today?
  • Question 2: Who are our users?
  • Question 3: How are users currently using TXDOT’s news/media website?
  • Question 4: How can TXDOT Newsroom meet users’ future needs?
  • Question 5: What are our success metrics ?


In the first step, I created a bird of view to build a map to anlayze the relationship between causes and results and formualte the question. In the second step, I created a depth of View and tried to think deeply to capture the essence and formulate core question.

  • CQ 1: How to efficient, effective to transfer information to make Drivers on Texas safe, informed and engaged?
  • CQ 2: How to provide information to increase the safety of Texas Drivers?

User Research

After we formulate questions, it is time to narrow down several questions into main question and support question.We need to focus on the primary questions and use analysis and research process to answer these questions.

According to the questions below, I will analyze and examine them through competitive analysis, past research from TxDoT department, literature review and data analysis from media channel. From past research, participants were asked to indicate which adjectives from a list of words best described the TxDOT website.


In the recommedation section, I provide the whole strategy and actions that TXDOT can used to their next product iteration.

  • Words expression should be precise and consistent.
  • Article should be organized into three format: long reading,summary,action.
  • Action and Summary should be put in front.
  • Relative files download should be put in the specific location in front.
  • Every page should be well-organized.
  • The style between pages should be consistence.
  • Pages should hold clear navigation location.
  • Every pages should has its location name.
  • Page should be visual hierarch. Page has its function.
  • Easy to read articles. Their should include navigation in the articles.
  • Easy to navigate to other pages.
  • Easy to make user understand the whole picture of website.