B2B insurance software design


When I took over this project, it is in the birth phase, the whole concept of business product is not mature. It is still evolving which set a higher boundary to make design language consistence.Also, the development resource for front-end developers is limited which means they are unwilling to polish the user experience.


As an evolving project, it lacks a design system to support front-end developer to make experience consistence. Complexity business requirement of insurance reduce the possibility of simple design solution.


In order to solve these problem, I tried two ways. First, try my best to understand the business requirements and build the low-fi mockup to satisfy the current needs. Second, try to build a simple design language to define the design components.

During the current work, I tried my best to build design language and reuse design components as soon as possible. I even build a standard workflow to accelerate the design iterations. During this period, communication with developers and product managers is necessary. It can help them to understand my vision and upgrade the quality of design support.


The ebaocloud is launched on Jan. 2016 and be shipped to three countries.


It is a challenging project which I took the baby step in my design career to lead the design direction. It is fortunate for me, to be honest. If I can do better, I think there are three points I can do better.

First, I should spend more time understanding the business which can reduce the time on iteration.

Second, I should know the development restriction as early as possible. Design is based on the development. Therefore, compromise and respect the product development pace is the things designers should do in an agile development environment.

Third, give time for interns to grow and standardize the enrollment process. This is the first time I have an intern. Therefore, in-person teaching is not as efficient as self-taught. Build a wiki to let them know what they need to familiarize is more efficient.